Remington Retrievers
Remington Retrievers

I had always wanted a dog but coming from a family who owned working dogs, my Mother would not let me have one as a pet. We lived in a city and she was aware of the mental stimulation that dogs needed and the commitment to exercise and husbandry.

 My family has a long history in the dog world the most notable being my great grandfather’s brother, Brigadier General Lance who held the Sarona affix and was well known for his Salukis and Curley Coated Retrievers.

This background set the scene, and after my partner Paul Gibbons gave me my first Golden Retriever (Rhona) as a birthday present in 1983, I took her to obedience training classes.  This was a very active training club and we were encouraged to attend competitive events that we enjoyed immensely.  At this time we also attended gundog training.  Through this involvement we met many people who showed their dogs and we attended our first show in 1985.  Blessed with beginners luck we were hooked!

In 1987 we had our first litter, and our careful breeding programme has been successful not only for ourselves but also for other people who have brought our puppies.  The Remington Affix is in the pedigree of many wining dogs all over the world.

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